Patterned conveyor belt (HD-C004)


NamePatterned conveyor belt




ApplicationSuitable for conveying mealiness, graininess, small piece materiel, also conveying materiel in bag. The slope angle less than 40°.Prevent materiel down slope, improve conveying capability.
FeatureThere have the herringbones on the belt, moreover the herringbones above the conveyor belt. Herringbones can be open also can be closed.
TypeAccording to herringbone height, there are three kings(high, middle, low).
According to cover physical property,there are different kinds of patterned conveyor belt.Common patterned conveyor belt.Heat resistant patterned conveyor belt,cold resistant conveyor belt,acid and alkali-resistant patterned conveyor belt oil resistant patterned conveyor belt.
Production width500-1000mm